Skilled Nursing & Rehab Centers and Home Health Companies use our balance measurement system to document fall risk, augment therapy plans and reduce readmissions.



The Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) have diagnostic and treatment requirements, guidelines and goals to constantly improve the quality of care and outcomes.  These are expressed as clinical codes associated with diagnosis, treatment, progress and outcome of each patient.  


These quality reporting metrics  extend to the physical & occupational therapies delivered by acute (hospitals) and sub-acute  (skilled nursing, rehab, long term care) facilities and home health providers.  Fall Prevention Services provides (CMS) covered, digital balance/fall risk measurements that eliminate human bias prevalent in manual balance/fall tools.  These measurements can be entered into the patient record to be compared with subsequent measurements for progress and outcome reference.


ALSO... Because falls and associated injury are so pervasive among people who suffer from other injury, illness or medications... medical facilities want to know how to identify and intervene with those patients on their premises who represent a fall risk liability.


Armed with the non-biased data, sub-acute facilities can augment their rehab with fall prevention measures to enable a more stable patient upon their return home.  In turn, a more stable patient means reduced readmission risk...which translates to higher referral rates from the acute care settings.


Better Measurement... Better Outcomes... Safer Patients...

Fewer Readmissions... More Referrals...