In 2003, Fall Prevention Clinics of America, with its medical team of M.D.s, Doctor of Audiology, Psychologist and Physical Therapists opened clinics to diagnose and treat people of all ages who were experiencing dizziness and balance problems.

In 2005, we realized that medical professionals and the general population were interested in learning more about balance, dizziness and falls.  Consequently, we created Fall Prevention Services, LLC .  


Its purpose is to:

              1. Deliver educational material to medical staff, social workers, facility                              administrators, caregivers and community forums.

              2. Provide digital balance measurement services to medical facilities.

              3. Consult to organizations looking to implement balance/falls  programs.

Serving clinical and caregiver clients in Illinois and across the country, Fall Prevention Services continues to deliver on its original mission of education, consultancy and clinical measurement service.

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