Falls and Balance Certification*

As the demand for skilled caregivers increases, We offer a falls and balance certification program for the professional caregiver.

CEU Services

Our CEUs provide any clinically based staff with insight into why patients fall, how to identify & intervene with at-risk patients, and how new treatment trends can reduce readmissions.

Clinical Services &


Skilled Nursing & Rehab Centers and Home Health Companies use our balance measurement system to document fall risk, augment therapy plans and reduce readmissions.

Preventing Fall Injuries is a Passion

Fall Prevention Services is a balance & falls education and consulting firm offering 13 years of specialized clinical patient interventions and caregiver training throughout the country.

* Certification program is offered ONLY to agencies or corporations, NOT to individual caregivers.

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Whether you are looking to reduce readmissions, develop better balance intervention treatments, add skill levels to your caregiver team or simply to learn more about the unabated fall injury & mortality issues in the U.S., Fall Prevention Services is uniquely qualified to deliver to your needs.

Your resource for balance and falls education and information